Thursday, April 24, 2003

The New York Times
February 9, 2003
Venezuela's Oil Industry and the Strike

The strike has reduced Venezuela's oil capabilities.
Oil produced, total:
3.1 million barrels a day before the strike.
1.3 million now, say dissidents. The government says the figure is 1.9 million.

Oil exported:
2.7 million barrels a day before the strike, most to the U.S.
700,000 barrels now, according to Mines and Energy Ministry.

Work force:
33,000 full-time employees before the strike, and 37,000 contract workers, which fluctuated.
Unclear how many now, but 9,000 of the full-time workers have been fired.
Gasoline produced for home market:
250,000 barrels a day before strike.
150,000 barrels now, the Mines and Energy Ministry says.
Gross oil revenues:
2002 (estimated) $22.2 billion.
2003 (forecast) $14.3 billion, according to UBS Warburg.